My current setup is a small but high end production suite with a focus on mixing & production.

Monitoring: Ampihon Two18, Genelec 8331, Avantone Mixcube Speakers
Audeze, Sennheiser, Ollo, Beyerdynamic and Slate VSX Headphones


Analog gear
Tracking: Shelford Channel, Universal Audio LA2A, Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic

Mix processing: Neve Master Buss Processor, Manley Vari-mu, Manley Massive Passive, Neve Master Buss Transformer

Mics: Neumman U87, TLM107, Townsend Sphere Original, various condenser & dynamic mics.

DAW: Presonus Studio One, around 1400 plugins from major manufacturers (UAD, Fabfilter, DMG, Slate Digital, Plugin Alliance, Izotope etc) .

Computers: MacBook Pro M1 2022 / Custom Built Intel i13 based PC

Various electric and acoustic guitars, active and passive bass guitars (Gibson, Fender, ESP, Solar, custom built & modded guitars, Martin D18 Acoustic),
Fender Deville 212, Blackstar HT20 tube amps,
Kemper Modelling Amplifier & Line 6 Helix Modelling Amps / Multi Effects
Various stompboxes (Strymon, Vertex, Boss, Ibanez, Wampler, Keeley, MXR, Way Huge, TC Electronic, Jim Dunlop, too many to count)
Roland E-Drums
Korg E-Piano
Various Midi Controllers
Hundreds of virtual instruments including the latest Komplete Ultimate, Arturia V Collection, Roland Cloud subscriptions.