Being a musician today means wearing many hats and eventually you have to build skills that will allow you to write songs, lyrics, produce, arrange, record, mix and master to stay competitive in the market.

As a professional guitar player for 25+ years for many national acts I have built skills that allows me to take your musical idea and turn it into a professionally produced music piece. I know the current pressures musicians have nowadays and I tailor my services to be friendly to unsigned bands, hobbyists and other enthusiasts that don’t want to mortgage their house to have their song put online for the world to see.

Services I offer :

You are looking for original songs which are catchy and full of emotion. We talk about what you have in mind and I compose your song from start to finish. Nothing is off the table. You want a dance-pop song about zombies? You got it!

You need someone to take the song you wrote on a guitar or piano – or even hummed into an iPhone – and create a proper song that you’ll be proud to put on iTunes or Spotify. We discuss the details about the structure, arrangement, musical style and genre of the song and I produce a radio-ready version of your original music.

You have your music produced and recorded at home, or a studio and you need someone to mix your tracks so they sound good on your car stereo, home stereo, TV, bluetooth speaker and earbuds. I have perfected my workflow over the years so I offer very competitive turnaround times.

I regularly post mixing videos on Youtube. You can see me at work at Modernist Mixing

You have your songs mixed to your taste but you cannot get the mastering stage right and they don’t sound as loud or punchy and lack clarity when you compare it to your favourite artists. I provide mastering services that will allow your song to hold its own while on a mixed playlist on Spotify and sound good on many different playback systems. Your songs will sound great on all online streaming services as I use techniques that will allow for maximum loudness while not crushing the dynamics of your music to death.

I have all the latest gadgets of today and have access to tons of different tried and tested tube amps we all know and love. You need your DI tracks to be reamped with classic and modern tube amps, boutique effects through quality mics into a Neve Shelford Channel followed by a LA2A with pristine AD conversion by mastering grade RME converters? I got you covered. Or you need your guitar tracks to be reamped through a Kemper or Line6 Helix with great quality models of classic amps that sound exactly like your favourite artists? I got you covered.

You got a great sounding mix but it still sounds amateurish? Like it or not, modern music production has evolved to a point where unless your tracks are properly edited, your vocals are tightened up with pitch tuning and timing fixes – it will sound amateur. You might have the best bass sound and killer vocals or the punchiest drums since Bonham, but you will still sound amateur until they are properly edited. I provide editing services that will make your tracks sit nicely while playing together while still retaining the human-factor that prevents it from sounding robotic and mechanical.

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